Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Phromthep Cape - Phuket

Phromthep Cape or Laem Phromthep (แหลมพรหมเทพ) is probably the island's most photographed and perhaps best-known location. Every evening, large tour buses, scooters and cars sweep through Rawai and up the island's southernmost hill to the viewpoint. On the top of the hill stands a busy car park where vehicles disgorge crowds of people that have come from every corner of the world.
Cameras flash, fingers point and lovers cuddle as Phuket's most fabulous free show is re-enacted nightly – the sunset. Promthep also has a lighthouse that commands spectacular views over the east and southeast of the island and its environs.
It is air conditioned inside and if you go up to the outdoors viewing balcony you can see the distinctive shapes of the Phi Phi Islands, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi on a clear day and of course a whole raft of nearer islands such as nearby Koh Kiaow with its Buddhist monastery.
The view from the cape is like a huge eternity pool from which you can mentally project the far-flung shores of Sri Lanka and the Indian Subcontinent and when night falls here you can peek down to the twinkling lights of Nai Harn Beach and Le Royal Phuket Yacht Club. Some people make the rather demanding trek down to the end of the cape but most stay up in the viewing part for sunset. By the car park there is a handicraft shop and a series of stalls that sell shells, batik, snacks, sarongs, shawls, toys and beachwear.
Elephant Shrine at Promthep Cape: Up the steps from the car park is a shrine to Brahma that is surrounded by thousands of wooden elephants of every size. It's all meticulously taken care of and the arrangement is photogenic, colourful and impressive. 

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Images: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Phuket


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